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Keynote Speaker


Jock Elliot

Jock Elliott has been a Toastmaster for nearly 40 years becoming best known as a serial contestant, having competed in over 380 speech contests.  A glutton for punishment, many disappointments have been accompanied by some successes, the most significant being crowned World Champion of Public Speaking in 2011 in his sixth and record breaking finals appearance.  Jock’s career outside TMI includes speechwriting, editing, training, coaching, after-dinner speaking, emceeing and wedding celebrancy.  Jock is also the author of several books and CDs.


“The Journey” – Jock Elliott World Champion of Public Speaking 2011.

How it took Jock 35 years to become an overnight success takes us through some of the lessons learnt from a unique career in public speaking.  This workshop is a step by step story of Jock’s quest after the World Championship of Public Speaking, told through excerpts of some of the speeches that took him to the peak, illustrating triumph and tragedy, finesse and farce, missed opportunities and personal growth.  Entertaining, instructive and revealing, this journey of discovery and fulfilment has something for every aspiring speaker.


 “On Target”- Jock Elliott World Champion of Public Speaking 2011.

Underlying every successful presentation are certain elements that are often overlooked.  The solid foundations which underpin effective speech preparation and presentation are secrets buried in plain sight.  Jock will show you how to find these secrets.  If you want to get your message across, you must address these basic principles.   Whether your aim is a professional presentation or a winning contest speech, this workshop covers in detail, the core elements that guide the presenter and you’re your audience. 



Jack Vincent

Sales Advisor and Author.
Jack's been called a poet in a business suit. He's crashed and burned more than once in romance... and more than once in sales. In both areas, he's picked himself up, dusted himself off and, after trials and tribulations, found success. At 57, he's found the love of his life and has coached others in romantic relationships. He's also a successful sales advisor and trainer with an edge. His second book is entitled, "A Sale Is A Love Affair - What Salespeople and Lovers Can Learn From Each Other."

"A Sale Is A Love Affair - What Salespeople and Lovers Can Learn From Each Other."

Jack is convinced that the future of sales is love: Loving your customers and getting them to fall in love with you. He's also convinced that the future of love is sales: Using the same "soft skills" of great salespeople when finding and managing romantic relationships.
Some believe the latter is crass and manipulative. That's fine by Jack, because in order to change the world, he needs to change the resistors. Perhaps you'll leave as an ambassador and help him change the world, too, because the world needs more love.




Selling, selling, selling. That is what Jaroslav Kováč has been doing throughout his entire professional career. The presentation skills are the core skills for any successful salesman and Jaro, active entrepreneur in the real estate market in Brno, Czech Republic, knows how to catch one's attention.

Hundreds presentations backing him up, the current Division D Governor for Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary, Jaroslav is involved in many workshops for general public and institutions in the region. No matter which workshop from Jaro  you will attend, you can always be sure it will be overflowing with practical exercises, with “Learning by doing” being his sacred mantra.


Ever encountered a treacherous audience? Not all of your presentations will be delivered in a safe and forthcoming environment like we are used to in the Toastmasters. What if you need to present a proposal to the business partner that doesn't really care? How about hostile audience that has a different opinion? Or, God forbid, a classroom full of teenagers?

We will learn to manage all of these situations and even more. Through practical exercises we will find a way how to keep the control of the floor and how to avoid anyone stealing your thunder!



Judi Challiner

Judi Challiner ACG – A committed PBT member.   CCCoaches   is a development from MY Toastmaster ‘Heaven’. My contributions to the team and participants are script writing with interactive action stories to make your eyes and presentations shine! and a show and tell ‘mini- class finale!’


Judi Challiner, Clara Cismaru and Andreas Fehrens   are Creative Communication Coaches.   We    work with 3 concepts Know Your Strengths through Personal Stories – Face Your Fears and Connect with the Audience    KFC method for short.

We are bringing the K workshop especially for Krakow !.  Through a series of   demonstrations,  interactive games and personal stories you will rediscover strengths which will enhance and  enrich your speaking and presentation skills.   Our workshop consists of short story demonstrations – an interactive game or role play and a show and tell ‘mini- class finale!’



Kailey Peng

I have been a member of Toastmasters since Oct. 2012 and currently serve as VP PR of the Karlsruhe Toastmasters. After turning speaking anxiety into passion, I had the honor to participate in the semifinals of the International Speech and Evaluation Contest at the District 59 Spring Conference in 2013. Eventually, I left my steady career path in public management consulting and technology transfer for the creative industry. Since July 2013 I’m a concept developer, consultant and trainer with Explain – a leading German presentation agency. Today I help companies – from small ones to global players - and public institutions to make better presentations.

PowerPoint revisited - Transform your slides into visual stories

Bullet points. Text slides. Irritating special effects. If that’s what you thought about PowerPoint, think again. Or just come to this workshop that will transform the way you use the most widely spread presentation software in the world. In this session you will experience for yourself how to create engaging and effective visual aids that support your message and you as a speaker. Come in for some inspiration from the leading presentation agency in Germany and fun visualization exercises.



Kristian Rother

Kristian came to Poland in 2006 with a towel, a PhD and not much else. In 2011 he left with a family and concluded that life in academia could not get better elsewhere. Kristian dumped a promising career in research to become a freelance trainer. He is now training scientists in software development and scientific communication. Currently he is President of the Spreeredner Toastmasters in Berlin. Kristians goal in life is to become as good a trainer as possible.

Training is very different from speaking. To learn successfully, trainees need to apply their new skills right away. This workshop aims at making your training activities more interactive. You are going to apply a four-phase model consisting of warm-up, introducing content, application, and wrap-up. You will learn what methods you can use in each phase to actively involve participants, and see a few methods live on stage. In the workshop you will create a strucured outline for a short training unit.



Martin Sturm

Martin Sturm, M.A. is a psychotherapist and coach. He resides in Germany and is trained in person-centered Rogerian psychotherapy and Grof Holotropic Breathwork™. Lately he has been integrating Sydney Banks’ 3 Principles into his coaching.


The 3 Principles explain how we generate our experience, our reality. By understanding the system behind it, our life automatically becomes easier and more creative. We see how we can produce effortless change and make our creative dreams come true. Transformation is only one thought away. Be part of an innovative talk that can change your life, too!



Innate Creativity - How To Tap Into Your Potential To Be Infinitely Awesome

In this workshop I will present to you the dynamics behind your ability to effortlessly access your mind’s creative powers. You will learn what is beneficial (and what’s not) when you want to come up with new, creative solutions to any problem you have – be it an original topic for your next speech or a wise strategy for your business. Once you know the background, your mind can take over and change is within reach. This presentation will consist of a talk given by me and a short Q and A session afterwards.



Peter Krutý

Slovak now living in Czech Republic, married with two kids and a persian cat. I love public speaking and communication skills. In an effort to help others become better and grow Toastmasters community I charted two clubs in Brno. Started as a lecturer and tutor in college, I was later working as trainer and manager, now I live and breathe Toastmasters.

Human Face unmasked

We were all taught how to interact verbally, but nobody was teaching us to use facial expressions. Anyhow we know what to do and unconsciously recognize and appreciate information in face.
Using facial expressions with purpose will make you a more interesting and eloquent speaker. Emotions you will convey will add a new quality to your communication.
We will bring information in face to the conscious level. You will learn what information is communicated in a face. How to spot emotions, how to use power of facial expressions to 

change your mood as well as mood of your audience and thus how to become a better speaker.

Priti Coles

Voice expert Priti Coles´ high-powered communication-training is based on profound performance know-how.  25 years as an international opera-soloist/actor led to her work as corporate coach, voice pedagogue, speaker and owner of ClearVoiceCoaching. Her stage career with top European companies and orchestras was preceded by acting studies in London (B.A. Hons. Performing-Arts) & voice training at Amsterdam Conservatory.                                                                

Coles´ work is enhanced by many years in personal development/mindfulness as well as Business English Speaking Training. She divides her time between Amsterdam and Vienna. Her clients include global companies and she teaches at Vienna Conservatorium and WU-Vienna University of Economics and Business.

An interactive workshop-presentation

As a lively and humorous speaker/motivator, Priti gets everyone participating. She creates a unique experience, encouraging physical presence, stimulating clear, inspiring speaking and above all revealing how true, authentic performance will make you shine not only on stage but in any situation.                                                                                                                                                     This talk is a refreshing, new look at voice, speech and communication. Develop professional, performance-polish, discover your vocal potential and experience a taste of being present and connected. In a non-challenging situation practice simple, fun body, breath and voice exercises and gain insight into performer´s secrets. Take it from a true trouper: Be seen, be heard, be real!



Sebastián Lora

Born in Dominican Republic in 1981, Sebastián found his passion for public speaking in front of 500 guests at his cousin's wedding. A very active Toastmaster since 2010 and three times executive committee member including President, he has won various accolades at Club, Area and Division levels, and is the founder of 2012's Best District 59 Newsletter, "Mediterranean Spirit [1]". A public speaking blogger in Spanish at [2], he started his speaking career as a trainer in 2013. He believes that, all things being equal, those who communicate best, win.


In today’s business world, presentations are not experienced, they are endured. Why? Because most presenters fail to understand the dynamics behind effective communication. The outcome? Generalized boredom, wasted time and unattained goals.

This is good news, though. It means that, only by tweaking a few things in the way you present, you can achieve great competitive advantage and outperform the competition.

In my workshop you will discover three communication keys that will make your business presentations stand out. You will also learn specific tools to engage your audience, generate trust, and move people to action.



Serge Pegoff

Serge Pegoff is an ACS/ALB Toastmaster from the Brussels club. He is an independent coach helping senior and middle managers to evolve their behaviors to successfully handle new challenges with mutual trust, better collaboration and viral leadership. Serge has coached more than 40 senior and middle managers and more than 60 business teams in the following organizations: BNP Paribas, AXA, CIC Group, Suez, Bayer, Electrabel, AG Insurance, Belgacom, Cisco, KPN (Netherlands), Swisscom, Carrefour, Guiness, GlaxoSmithKline.… Serge has created and led the Change Management practices at Arthur D. Little and KPMG (Brussels) and has an MBA from Insead (France).

How to take charge of your own leadership growth - and maybe even get your next promotion faster?

You will learn a process to create rapidly the perception of your leadership progress in your work environment:

  • How to identify the specific leadership behaviors you should focus on?
  • How to get safe feedback and support from 6 colleagues to help you progress in these specific behaviors?
  • How to ensure that these behavioral progress will become day-to-day reality within 6 month?
  • What is the evidence that this process will work for you?

You will also experience parts of this process to be able to judge by yourself how easy it is to use it in your real work environment.



Tulia Lopes

Tulia Lopes is an entrepreneur wearing different hats. As an architect, she developed the skills for understanding and reading people’s emotions and needs; transforming their dreams into physical reality.

And this is why, as a speaker, Body Language is her favourite topic as it is the true expression from within, from our true selves.

In her workshop you will develop the awareness of what your body is telling you and others, how to deal with it, therefore, making your verbal and non-verbal communications congruent and connected.


You will boost your self-confidence and will reach your audience in an authentic way, your way!

Your Body Talks… all the time… and LOUD!

1.       Why is non-verbal behaviour important?

  •  What is your body saying about you?

2.       The Body and Emotions

  • Everything comes from within

3.       The Secrets of Charisma

  • Presence
  • Power
  • Warmth



Patrick Nini

 Patrick Nini is an Austrian living in Switzerland. He joined Zurich Toastmasters in 2010.
Patrick is founding-president of Blue Danube Speakers Linz, the first Toastmasters-Club in Upper-Austria.
Currently Patrick is working on his first German book called „Patrick Nini – Überzeugt!“ which is published in October 2014!
He gives seminars and keynotes on the topic Persuasion INSIDE – persuade by being convinced of you.
He is certified trainer for the Graves-Value-System (9Levels), which is a methodology that allows measuring values of people and values of audiences. He combines this knowledge with his experience in public speaking and thus created the workshop: “WORDS MEET VALUES”
He owns the company Swissistent GmbH that offers virtual assistance. Swissistent is mastermind on the topic “Assistance of the future (year 2020)“. Patrick gives a keynote on that topic at the Swiss Office Management Exhibition in Zürich.
He created the movement & brand Justkiss that stands for Bravery, Tolerance and Openness and is co-organizing the festival Justkiss that takes places in August 2014.
Patrick is member of Blue Danube Speakers, Walk the Talk Toastmasters and Zurich Toastmasters.
More information on Patrick Nini:

Who is my audience? Know and address the values correctly!

How do we know what is right and what is wrong?
How do we know what’s important for us?
Why are we able to speak to our soul mates day and night and to others not even a minute?
We make decisions based on your values and dogmas. Our soul mates share our values.
Even our audience has values! Do they match with your values? If not, you may be an excellent speaker, you may have the best arguments but you will not persuade your audience!
In this interactive workshop you will find out your values. You will learn, how to identify the audience’s values. And most importantly you will learn how to address different values effectively.
You learn that values are organized in different levels. You learn how those levels correlate together. 
And you will learn how to address values correctly based on the Graves-Value-System!

You want to persuade? You want to address your audience effectively? Then this is your workshop!


Ellen Hermens

Ellen Hermens excels as a communication trainer for public speaking and leadership. She is an NLP trainer (PureNLP by Richard Bandler) with an international and varied work background. Ellen’s clients include executives in industry, banking and the financial sector. She focuses on the matching authentic speaking style which fits the speaker like a tailor-made suit. Besides coaching, Ellen is an active speaker with a passion for training and delivering motivational speeches.

Ellen Hermens is Distinguished Toastmaster and served in many leadership roles from Secretary to District 59 Governor: President´s Distinguished District 2009-10. Currently she serves as Ambassador for the REP and as Chief Reviewer for the German content of the new program.

Leverage the Best in You


Imagine being in the flow when everything goes easy and your performance is on top. You enjoy it and get carried away, because you excel your skills and strengths.

But: why is it that so many people look at what they don’t have? Why is it that they don’t leverage their strongest assets?

This workshop is about your strongest assets: knowing your unique skill set and being the Best of You. How you appreciate and leverage what is already yours. Join in when Ellen shows the 7 steps to the path to improve your life, to the best YOU that´s possible.


Dyane Neiman

 DYANE NEIMAN is District Conference contestant 2011 & 2012; Workshops at District Conference Bonn and TLI Berlin in 2012; current President Mercury Club Berlin. This former choreographer/director now creates keynote speeches with moving messages and trains professionals to move audiences with effective speaking. Her company Moving Speaker’s motto is: Why just speak? Inspire!

“... one thing Dyane Neiman never is: boring!“ Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

"... her body language is amazing" Westfalenblatt


Mentor/Mentee Speed Dating:


Ding! Start three-minute conversations with Toastmasters from future Districts 59/95.

Ding! Explore your strengths and those of your conversation partner.

Ding! Repeat. Have you found a perfect mentor match?

Anxious about the division of District 59? Sad about losing contact with old friends? This

workshop should ease the transition by establishing mentor pairs across the re- organized

districts. After identifying goals and needs, join in a fun speed-dating activity to find your ideal

mentor-mentee match.

Long distance mentoring, a.k.a. e-mentoring, has many benefits:

• Maintain connections between the two districts;

• Ease the upcoming transition phase;

• Bridge expertise.